Where do you call Home?

For a long time that was a very hard question for me to answer, because I spent a better part of my childhood moving back and forth across the continent! With every move and every new home, in which I lived, I left with another piece of my heart enraptured with something new I had seen or experienced in the new place that I temporarily called home. Growing up in this manner comes with it’s own unique set of challenges- like anything we do in life. One of the many challenges was the constantly evolving definition of Home. It was a revolving door of images that changed with every move. Feeling connected to so many different places all over the world makes it difficult to put roots down in one place. There are so many beautiful places in the world and picking just one place to call home became overwhelming. To have lived and traveled and experienced so many places is an incredible gift, but feeling like the options are endless because anywhere can feel like home is also completely overwhelming.

Let’s fast forward to today and I was finally able to figure out where home should be and so a new journey began; making this house I purchased with my family a true home. And with all those years of living around our globe, I have a treasure trove of ideas and inspirations to incorporate into my finally forever home. How do I incorporate all the meaningful memories, the cultures I fell in love with, and the diverse and sometimes opposing definitions of beauty that I had come to appreciate, all within approximately 3000 square feet? It’s a tall order, but one that I know I’m so blessed to be able to realize. I will continue to chronical my personal journey to discovering my personal style while putting this home together…one room at a time! Keep following along as I share before and after pictures, lessons learned and much more!

And for now I leave you with this: the image my mind paints when I think of home today. How about you? Comment with your own images of home below!

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