The Kitchen Diaries- Part 2

The White Kitchen

Once the decision was made to rip out the old cabinets and start from scratch in the kitchen, the world was suddenly our oyster. Hundreds of options on styles, colors, and finishes were available to us, since we were no longer restricted to refinishing the cabinets that we already had. The “White Kitchen” has been done over and over again. Some may argue that the white kitchen is over! While I agree that I have seen more grey and black industrial style kitchens popping up all over my Instagram feed, the white kitchen is classic!

Courtesy of Kendra Scott

Cabinets 101

Ultimately, we chose classic white cabinets with a simple shaker style design. As beautiful as some of the more modern swoon worthy “of the moment” looks are, the classic white cabinet look is the right decision for us! Kitchen renovations are expensive and my goal was that 10 years from now my kitchen will not look outdated or “so 2017”! Throughout my entire renovation project, I tried to balance being bold and daring, with sticking with tried and true classics. I think that the kitchen cabinets were a place to play it safe. For me, it was a financial decision; I know that this was it for kitchen renovations…I don’t anticipate re-doing another kitchen in 10 years, so I made sure to pick something that wasn’t going to “go out of fashion” in just a few years’ time.

Another factor that played into how I made this decision is the open layout of my kitchen/family room. When selecting the cabinets, I had to think about how I wanted the entire space to look and feel. I know that I like to constantly re-accessorize and re-style my living spaces with each seasons, and having a white kitchen in the background, allows me the freedom to pop different colors and textures in the family room without clashing with the kitchen.

Old Cabinet Door
New Shaker Style Cabinet Door

Going (and staying) White in the Kitchen

Two months in, I’m so happy with the way it has all come together. A word of warning to those considering going white in the kitchen….if you’re a clean freak like myself, you could easily drive yourself crazy trying to keep the kitchen looking spotless! Every little drop of pasta sauce, or smudge or Nutella or spill of red wine will be highly visible against the white cabinetry. I can only imagine how difficult it would have been to the keep a white kitchen clean with tiny, sticky, toddler fingers. Despite this, I am so pleased with my decision and would certainly do it the same way again if I had a chance at a re-do.


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