Summer Travel Diary: One Week in a Paradise named Paros

The Greek Isle of Paros

This July my family and I had the pleasure of spending one week in the beautiful Greek island of Paros.  A 35-minute flight from Athens brought us to this small charming island of 15,000 people. And after another short 20-minute car ride from Paros airport, we arrived at our stunning home for the week. Paros is a lesser known island than its popular sisters; Santorini and Mykonos. Paros is popular with many Greeks who summer in Paros to get away from the hot Athenian Sun. Paros has a little bit of everything; beautiful sandy beaches, hiking trails, and bustling city centers in both Pakiria and Naoussa. A great choice for families with children who are looking for a quiet getaway, and not necessarily the party scene that is associated with Mykonos.

Paros Island

Coastal Living Design at Villa Pakiria

Our gorgeous rental, Villa Pakiria, is a picture-perfect summer villa with 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, an infinity pool, sea views and a short 3-minute walk to the beach. The stunning accommodations featured a relaxed coastal living feel. The space was designed to balance beautiful clean lines, with practical functionality. The concrete floor continued from the outdoor living spaces right into the interior living spaces, providing a beautiful clean and neutral palette. The continuity also gave the space an airy open feeling. In the outdoor living spaces, the benches, coffee tables and dining tables where all built right into the space with the same concrete finish from the floor. Again this feature really brought the natural environment on the island into play with the design. Paros has a very rocky natural surface and the island was in fact formed by just one single mountain. The built in furniture on the patio in a concrete finish is also very functional. With long hot summers, which we experienced during our stay, and big windy thunderstorms (also experienced!!), concrete built in furniture dramatically reduces the need to worry about any damage from the elements.



Le Collectionist Touch

We had a great rental experience thanks to the help of the team at Le Collectionist. Villa Pakiria was our 3rd rental experience with Le Collectionist and once again it was an experience that exceeded our expectations! With Le Collectionist you really know what you are getting when you arrive at your rental. Accurate pictures and accurate descriptions not only matched our expectations, but far exceeded them. Throughout our stay Le Collectionist staff were in constat contact to ensure our stay was enjoyable. Their great attitude and availability to answer questions that came up, and quick resolutions to any issues or questions really sets the tone for a relaxing enjoyable vacation.

The Village of Naoussa

Naoussa is a charming fishing village on the island filled with small, pedestrian only streets. The streets are filled with charming details adorning all the beautiful white and blue homes. Beautiful details are all around, if you slow down and wander through the labyrinth of streets. Filled with boutiques of all kinds; from fashion, jewelry, home goods, and lots and lots of souvenirs to bring home Our favorite find was an emporium of local products named Sporus. We stocked up on plenty of local spices, teas, olive oil and honey so we can enjoy the delicious flavors of Greece at home too. You could easily spend a whole day exploring the village, stopping for coffee or even a meal at one of the hundreds of restaurants and tavernas. Just remember to bring a hat because Greece in July is SUNNY!

Beach Day at Monastiri

If sun is what you want, then a day at Monastiri Beach is exactly what you need. Monastiri beach is on the east coast of the island. It is one of many beautiful sandy beaches on the island but with small children in tow, this proved to be the best choice for us. Located in a bay, this beach is really more like a giant oversized swimming pool with it’s crystal clear water and the absence of any waves or strong undertow. With water sports and a hiking trail right on sight, there was enough to keep us all entertained all day. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the an onsite restaurant. With a bar AND showers, this was an ideal beach for comfort and relaxation. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent, but don’t make a mistake and forget your towels like we did!


Exploring the Seas with the Girl Pirate Nefeli

Our favorite day was the one we spent with Nefeli, the self-proclaimed Girl Pirate, on her beautiful boat, the St. Nikolas. Nefeli is the owner of Seas the Moment, a family business offering sailing excursions around the seas of Paros. Nefeli and her father George make up the 2-person crew of the St. Nikolas. The St. Nikolas is a schooner built in 1928 and renovated in the 1950s with an engine from World War II. It’s registered officially as a museum by the Ministry of History and Culture in Greece. Our incredible day with blue skies and blue waters took us all around the island of Paros and its neighboring island of Anti-Paros. We jumped off the boat into the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean, while George cooked a freshly caught tuna fish for lunch. Nefeli and George’s amazing hospitality and kindness and their eagerness to share their culture and beautiful island with us was really the highlight of our trip! We can’t wait to go back and see them again! And we can’t wait for another visit to this gorgeous island!



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