Burning the midnight oil…

Welcome to The Versa Look! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. Our feeds are so busy these days with some many beautiful images and inspiring stories and I appreciate every single person who invests their precious time reading what I have to say! Thank you!

Several months ago, my husband and I started renovating our 1890s home and throughout the process, I have relied heavily on inspiration from so many different sources on the web. We are so fortunate to live during a time when technology gives us access to limitless amounts of information, images, inspiration, and ideas. I started on this home renovation projectcompletely overwhelmed by the thousands of images I consumed on a daily basis. But I was also inspired by so many different people who took the time to share their own works, homes, inspirations, fashion sense and much more. As my home renovation journey is coming to an end (“Does it really ever end?” said a friend who’s been a homeowner much longer than I), I’m inspired to share my own journey with you all. I started this project knowing that I wanted to fix up this old house and make it beautiful and modern. But I didn’t really know what style I was going after and the possibilities seemed endless. Being a self-proclaimed global nomad and growing up and living all around the world throughout my life, I feel connected to so many different cultures and by extension the many definitions of beauty. The feeling that I couldn’t check off just one box to describe my personal style was distressing to me and added so much anxiety to an already stressful renovation project. It wasn’t until I stepped back and shut my ears to the noise and pressure (mostly that I put on myself), to “get it right” or make it “perfect”, that I started having fun with this project and truly realizing my own unique personal style that is perfect for me. And that is exactly what it’s all about. While it is easy to allow ourselves to be swept off our feet with the perfectly manicured images of homes, foods, vacations, outfits, and lifestyles we see online…the key is to taking the time to find the aesthetics that appeal to our own unique selves. Taking the time to deconstruct an image and pin point exactly what I liked about it, helped me identify and understand my own style. 

So why the messy desk picture?


1) It’s real- that’s really what my desk looks like on most days and with this blog I strive to find beauty in ordinary things around me. I don’t want to edit out the messy because the best of life sometimes comes out from it’s the messiness

2) It’s not perfect…and nothing in life really is. Life’s a journey and that’s how I approach style and design. 

3) It’s a hodgepodge….of beautiful things that I love that don’t necessarily fit into a neat box.

4) It’s a little bit of old and a little bit of new…..

5) It’s not all about the Benjamin’s….and while some items definitely broke the bank, you can still be smart with your money and be economical and still have beautiful things.

6) It’s a sign of great things to come… stay tuned.

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